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Craft info
Manufacture 745 (745) Production 700 (700)
Type Starbase Tech level 12 (12)
Total Cost 28,627,831 Ship equip No
Schematic XP 125,029 Total XP 346,175
Total Cost / Total XP 82
Store Humanix Starbase Tech (x7)
Wallexx Starbase Creations (x6)
All resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Agro Grow60,2505,362,250
Agro Grow (Lorats Hold)9,4001,682,600
Agro Grow (Sephira)9,4001,814,200
Alucite Ore4,900274,400
Bio Enzymes (Elista)4,750327,750
Bio Enzymes (Messor)4,580316,020
Bio Foods1,90064,600
Bio-Gen Trees6,350806,450
Biogenetic Goods490371,910
Biogenic Ore35530,885
Copper Ore40,5001,863,000
Corex Gas45049,500
Dome Panels125105,625
Element 2511,10089,100
Ethanol Gelocine2,361259,710
High Capacity Storage350259,350
Horticultural Goods58066,120
Hydroponics Unit269216,545
Inert Gas17,500892,500
Integrated Systems125122,500
Iron Ore12,000360,000
Katacton Plating14517,110
Mezatol Gas49165,303
O2 Regulator19168,187
Plasma Conduits10079,400
QMG - Alloys T11,000564,000
QMG - Alloys T2500282,000
QMG - Biologicals150141,450
QMG - Chemicals T1250141,000
QMG - Chemicals T2400225,600
QMG - Fabrication250253,000
QMG - Mechanical350305,900
Refined Metal30,0003,150,000
Refined Ore13,0003,289,000
Titanium (Messor)300106,800
Traylon Gas3,200153,600
Water (Olivat)2,00060,000
Schematic resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Refined Metal30,0003,150,000
Refined Ore13,0003,289,000
All components
NameQuantityTotal Price
SB Air Filtration System - Zone 11293,653
SB Bio Dome - Zone 113,544,460
SB Bio Farming - Zone 114,313,020
SB Bio Reclamation Unit 11203,038
SB Gas Recycler - Zone 11436,910
SB Humanix Dome L11241,080
SB Humanix Dome R11751,480
SB Humanix Eco Unit 119,124,851
SB O2 Management - Zone 111,446,313
SB Plasma Incinerator Unit 11270,200
SB Resources Management - R118,820,480
SB Waste Management - Zone 114,252,038
Schematic components
NameQuantityTotal Price
SB Humanix Eco Unit 119,124,851
SB Resources Management - R118,820,480
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Starbase Ecosystem 1 (x1)
SB Humanix Eco Unit 1 (x1)SB Resources Management - R1 (x1)
SB O2 Management - Zone 1 (x1)SB Waste Management - Zone 1 (x1)SB Bio Dome - Zone 1 (x1)
SB Gas Recycler - Zone 1 (x1)SB Air Filtration System - Zone 1 (x1)SB Bio Reclamation Unit 1 (x1)SB Plasma Incinerator Unit 1 (x1)SB Humanix Dome L1 (x1)SB Humanix Dome R1 (x1)SB Bio Farming - Zone 1 (x1)