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Craft info
Manufacture 745 (745) Production 700 (700)
Type Starbase Tech level 12 (12)
Total Cost 57,885,804 Ship equip No
Schematic XP 311,086 Total XP 699,196
Total Cost / Total XP 82
Store Humanix Starbase Tech (x7)
Wallexx Starbase Creations (x6)
All resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Agro Grow100,9008,980,100
Agro Grow (Lorats Hold)15,0002,685,000
Agro Grow (Sephira)15,0002,895,000
Alucite Ore9,900554,400
Bio Enzymes (Elista)7,254500,526
Bio Enzymes (Messor)7,900545,100
Bio Foods3,900132,600
Bio-Gen Trees10,0501,276,350
Biogenetic Goods790599,610
Biogenic Ore92280,214
Copper Ore64,5002,967,000
Corex Gas987108,570
Dome Panels175147,875
Element 2513,400275,400
Ethanol Gelocine4,961545,710
High Capacity Storage500370,500
Horticultural Goods2,057234,498
Hydroponics Unit485390,425
Inert Gas37,5001,912,500
Integrated Systems225220,500
Iron Ore19,000570,000
Katacton Plating59069,620
Mezatol Gas988131,404
O2 Regulator792282,744
Plasma Conduits300238,200
QMG - Alloys T12,0001,128,000
QMG - Alloys T2700394,800
QMG - Biologicals350330,050
QMG - Chemicals T1450253,800
QMG - Chemicals T2800451,200
QMG - Fabrication450455,400
QMG - Mechanical550480,700
Refined Metal67,0007,035,000
Refined Ore39,0009,867,000
Titanium (Messor)550195,800
Traylon Gas8,200393,600
Water (Olivat)6,000180,000
Schematic resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Refined Metal67,0007,035,000
Refined Ore39,0009,867,000
All components
NameQuantityTotal Price
SB Air Filtration System - Zone 31930,288
SB Bio Dome - Zone 316,506,568
SB Bio Farming - Zone 316,714,100
SB Bio Reclamation Unit 31489,118
SB Gas Recycler - Zone 31900,820
SB Humanix Dome L31715,260
SB Humanix Dome R311,273,158
SB Humanix Eco Unit 3116,462,836
SB O2 Management - Zone 312,944,808
SB Plasma Incinerator Unit 31800,810
SB Resources Management - R3115,000,468
SB Waste Management - Zone 317,377,528
Schematic components
NameQuantityTotal Price
SB Humanix Eco Unit 3116,462,836
SB Resources Management - R3115,000,468
Used in directly
Used in schematics
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Starbase Ecosystem 3 (x1)
SB Humanix Eco Unit 3 (x1)SB Resources Management - R3 (x1)
SB O2 Management - Zone 3 (x1)SB Waste Management - Zone 3 (x1)SB Bio Dome - Zone 3 (x1)
SB Gas Recycler - Zone 3 (x1)SB Air Filtration System - Zone 3 (x1)SB Bio Reclamation Unit 3 (x1)SB Plasma Incinerator Unit 3 (x1)SB Humanix Dome L3 (x1)SB Humanix Dome R3 (x1)SB Bio Farming - Zone 3 (x1)