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21. August 2017

New schematics added today thanks to Coops! Also another hosting change because the old one froze my website files.

A new schematic browser is being developed by player Ashley Upson, check it out at !

20. November 2016

A new section "Used in schematics" was added which shows final schematics that require the selected resource/module. Old section was renamed to "Used in directly".

18. June 2015

Apologies, had to move the site again due to spam abuse (sending myself one backup email per day). At least this one loads faster ;)

21. March 2015

Tiny update after a huge pause, schematic browser now lists all Stores for a craft.

After the store name is the quantity of schems bought in that store. If viewing a single schematic its store is underlined.

11. May 2014

Expanse settlement hubs and buildings added, also with a custom Expanse Settlement All meta-schem for all hubs combined (User category).

23. April 2014

Added the NPC Tracker page with download link.

13. April 2014

Added the latest systems (Farnsworth, Lawson, Predator and Syband).

Also redirected the mirror sites to this main one, no sense in keeping 3 separate websites in sync after all.

8. March 2014

Set up a new site at, thanks to Coops. This one will be the 'main' site, i will probably stop updating the other mirrors soon.

4. March 2014

Added Rigal scanners.

21. February 2014

Added AI-UN Axx resources and updated AMR refineries with these.

10. February 2014

New mining drones and advanced refineries added.

12. August 2013

Finally added graphic diagram, also works for multi-craft.

It might show zeroed and grayed fields, thats intended, as it merges identical module quantities.

25. July 2013

Finished repairs and filled the database with new data, thanks to Coops' kind help. All data should be properly categorised now!

Also removed upload script, since the server cant respond to it as i lost the server-side upload file.

24. July 2013

Due to stretching the database for the whole day and finishing it off with a slow query over thousands of rows of data, my account was terminated :)

Luckily i had database backups and most files too.

All game data is copyright to Core Exiles browser game, the schematic database was formerly copied from Shields Down website.

This site's author is player KubaF, contact ingame if you have suggestions or problems relating this site.